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If you are in the United States and have faced any form of persecution in the past or believe you will be subjected to harm in the future, it is of vital importance to speak with an experienced immigration attorney to ensure your right to pursue asylum in the United States.

We have helped clients from across the world obtain asylum status in the United Status. Our passion is providing personalized attention and communication as we fight for their right to remain in the United States and avoid harm and persecution.

Asylum is based on the fundamental belief of relieving foreign persons from being subject to persecution or torture if returned to their homelands. Cases of Asylum are often met with skepticism due to the historical abuse of the system by meritless cases. This history can make asylum cases difficult to win. Winning, however, is in the preparation. A case that is thoroughly prepared and reviewed stands a much better chance of succeeding. Whether you currently have a hearing set with the Dallas Immigration Court or you are in the United States seeking to protect you and your family from persecution in your home country it is imperative to speak with a qualified immigration attorney to determine your eligibility.

Obtaining Asylum Through the Immigration Process

The United States allows for asylum – protection of refugees from another country – when an individual believes that he or she will be persecuted or threatened in his or her home country due to reasons such as:

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Religious beliefs
  • Political beliefs
  • Membership in a particular social group

There are no restrictions on who is eligible for this type of relief, as long as the foregoing reasons apply to the applicant. Gardere Carter & Associates, PLLC can help you prepare the correct administrative documents necessary for applying for asylum in the time period required to qualify.

Asylum Application Process

The criteria required for asylum is complex and requires extensive documentation to prove asylum status, including such things as newspaper articles supporting persecution, proof of abuse of the applicant, and police reports documenting violence against the applicant and others. The procedure is lengthy and requires that exact steps be performed in a timely manner.

Documentation from the applicant directly includes:

  • Foreign national’s birth certificate or legitimate form of identification
  • If applying with a spouse, valid marriage certificate
  • If already inside the U.S., copy of passport and form I-94
  • Three passport photos on white background
  • If applying with children under 21 years of age, evidence of the children’s relationship to the applicant as well as their birth certificates and other personal information
  • Written affidavit from the foreign national delineating the problems they have encountered in their native country and the reason why they cannot return.

The team at the Gardere Carter & Associates PLLC has extensive experience helping immigrants obtain different types of visas for legal status. The founding partner, Gardere Carter, understands the difficulties you could be going through in your life when being persecuted by your own country. Our legal team will work hard to assist you in obtaining asylum as quickly and effectively as possible.

We want to win our cases and obtain justice for our clients. To achieve this success, clients need to be prepared to work with us on some of these issues of proof. Proof may be obtained by medical records back home, witness statements, live witnesses, physical or psychological state of the body, police reports, country condition reports, news reports and many other forms of corroboration. It is important to have as much documentation and corroboration as possible so the case is won the first time.

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